Launch your own AI with GPT3 Fine Tuning

    Welcome to our GPT Fine Tuning service, which allows professionals like you to create custom AI apps!

    GPT3 has gained a strong foothold in our lives, thanks to the explosion that was ChatGPT, and we want to utilize its benefits to make your work easier!

    The applications of GPT3  are multifaceted. But especially with ChatGPT, you will observe that it starts producing generalized results when you are looking for answers highly relevant to your industry, company, or use case.

    Fine-tuning eliminates that issue! With a fine-tuned AI application (that we can build for you *wink*), you’ll get results that are perfectly tailored to your needs. Here are the advantages of fine-tuning (in a nutshell, improved accuracy, reduced human effort and quicker results):

    Benefits of using a fine tuned model

    By adjusting the parameters of the model and training it on relevant datasets, you can create a customized version of GPT-3 that outperforms base GPT3 for your specific task. With our experienced team and access to the latest GPT-3 technology, we can help you create the perfect model for your purpose.

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    Example Use Case 1: Customer Service Assistant trained on your Company data


    By fine-tuning the GPT-3 model for your specific customer service use case, you can create a powerful and intelligent assistant that can provide personalized and accurate answers to customer inquiries.

    The model can be trained on:

    • Customer Service Data such as FAQs, customer responses, and customer feedback, in order to best understand customer inquiries and provide the most accurate response.
    • Company-Specific Data to ensure that customers are answered in a manner that is consistent with company policies and procedures.

    With the help of GPT-3 fine-tuning, your customer service assistant can provide a high level of accuracy and personalized service for every customer interaction.

    Example Use Case 2: Our very own FormulaGenerator App

    FormulaGenerator App

    You guessed it! If you’re looking to build your own product using GPT3, you’re at the right place. We collected 50+ rich datasets on spreadsheets to build a fine-tuned GPT model that answers advanced spreadsheet questions with 3x more accuracy than base GPT.

    Using a fine-tuned model, we are able to provide our users with a highly accurate excel toolkit that makes them instantly proficient at troubleshooting formulas and code and building insightful reports.

    Here’s how we can help

    Get end-to-end solutions for deploying a fine-tuned GPT3 model for your custom use case.

    • Data Collection and Preprocessing
    • Fine-tuning
    • Deployment as a Web App

    Based on your requirements, you can choose a combination of any of the services you need. For example, if you need a financial research model, and you already have some data for your fine-tuning use case, you can just pick our Data preprocessing and Fine-Tuning options.

    Here are additional details for each service we offer

    Data Collection: We provide data collection services to help you find the right data sets for your GPT3 fine-tuning project. We can search public data sets, web scraping services, and more to find the best data for you to use.

    Price: Contact us

    Data Preprocessing: Includes the task of cleaning, and transforming raw data into OpenAI’s required Prompt and Completion format. This helps ensure the data is in a consistent format and ready for fine-tuning.

    Price: Contact us

    Fine-tuning: This implies that you have already pre-processed your data (e.g. extracting prompts and completions) and simply need assistance in the fine-tuning phase. This is ideal for those who have a thorough comprehension of their use case and need some guidance to make the most of GPT-3.

    Price: Contact us

    Deployment: We provide deployment services to help you get your model up and running in production. This includes setting up infrastructure and providing an interface to ask questions on your fine-tuned model. We deploy your model on the FormulaGenerator web app for easy querying.

    Price: Contact us

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    Image by storyset on Freepik
    Image by storyset on Freepik