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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Formula Generator?

To use our app, all you have to do is hit the “Try for Free” button (or click that link), which’ll lead you to the signup page. Once you’ve signed up you can access all the features!

What can I do with Formula Generator?

You can do a ton of things with Formula Generator. Right now we have 7 really helpful features. These are Generate Formula, Explain Formula, Generate Code, AI Answers Bot (for all spreadsheet related queries), Generate SQL Code, Error Spotter and a Google Sheets Add-On. We’re always looking to add more! We’ve launched a new service for fine-tuned models that’ll help you get more industry-specific results! Also, stay tuned for a Dummy Data Generator.

If you wanna help us curate a fine-tuned model for you, fill out this form. Thanks!

So how do I install the Google Sheets Add-On?

That’s easy. You’ll have to create an account with us (refer to question 1) and once you do, you’ll find a special Access Key showing up at the top of your page. Our Google Sheets Add-On can be installed from Google Workspace. It’ll show up as a button on the side panel whenever you open a spreadsheet online. Enter your Access Key after clicking on the button and get started!

Cool. Do you have any tips to make my user experience better?

Yup, we absolutely do! So to begin with, make sure you’re using the right feature for your query. For example, the Generate Formula/Code/SQL features are going to be better at executing those tasks than the Answers Bot (which is more suitable for general spreadsheet queries).

Also, you’ll get a new response every time you hit “Submit”. So if the first response you get isn’t working for you, try submitting the same query again and you’ll get something that works better. 

To get the most accurate formulas, we just need one small thing from you— specificity. Do check that you’ve mentioned the right cell ranges, column names, etc.

Lastly, for our Answers Bot, use words like “explain in detail” or “with examples” to guide it to give you the exact type of answer you’re looking for!

Hope these help!

Great so far! But is it all actually free?

Yes, it really is. Every month we offer 10 free requests across all our features (including the Add-On). No money needed!
However, if you want to make more than 10 requests a month, you can choose to upgrade to our Premium Membership, for a very affordable price of $4.9/month. Before doing that, you also have the option of using our 7-day free trial to fully experience the Premium Membership benefits without paying!

Understood. But if I want to unsubscribe from your emails, can I?

We’d really ask you not to unsubscribe because we’re always trying to convey important information to you, through the emails. And we’ll never be spammy. But if you still want to, you can click on “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the emails.

And do I need to be in the US to avail your subscription?

Nope. Once you go to our checkout page, the product price will be displayed in your local currency and you can use your VISA or Mastercard Debit/Credit card to pay!

Gotcha. What if I want a refund?

Ah another thing we’d hate to see. We don’t offer refunds at the moment. Once you pay for your subscription you’ll be able to use our product for the duration you paid for.

Right. And one last thing, what if I want to reach out to Formula Generator or provide feedback?

We’d absolutely love that. Please drop us an email at to share any thoughts and suggestions that you have. Also, the form we use for the fine-tuned models can also be used for any general feedback.
We’re still young and are really looking forward to your inputs!